Vaccination Quota for the elderly of Banguntapan is 7,000 Doses

Ahad Kliwon, 9 Mei 2021 11:07 WIB ∼ 79 Komentar (0)

BANTUL, Banguntapan sub-district has 7,000 doses of the Vaccination Quota for the elderly. Meanwhile, the vaccination that has been held from Monday (26/4) to Friday (30/4) was supposed to fulfill the quota. However, until now there are many elderly people who are reluctant to be vaccinated because they believe that it will cause them get limp while fasting. The head of Banguntapan sub-district, Fauzan Mu'arifin in the midst of the vaccination for the elderly at Jogja Expo Center (JEC) on Wednesday (28/4) said that according to the records from Monday to Tuesday (27/4) Vaccination for the elderly has already done about 1,000 doses. There were 4,500 doses of vaccines for Banguntapan at first but due to the amount of elderly vaccines, 2,500 doses of vaccines have been added, so there are 7000 total amount of the vaccines. "Their responses during the socialization were varied. Some wanted to be vaccinated but they were worry if it could break the fast, so they cancelled it. For people who have limited mobility from their respective villages, they provided a shuttle service using pick up car or bus. There were also some who help consciously" Fauzan said. He said that related to the vaccination interest in 8 Villages in the entire Banguntapan sub-district, he stated that it has given to all villages equally, even though in Banguntapan village which is a densely populated village and has the largest population, so it was the village with the most elderly vaccine participants. One of the elderly who has vaccinated, Sri Kadarsih (60) a villager of Jagalan, Baturetno stated that she got a relief after vaccinated. However, she said that she will keep obeying health protocols although she has been vaccinated.

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