Breaking the Fast (Iftar) and Evaluating vaccination at the Royal Ambarukmo

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On Thursday, 29/04/2021 at the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel was held an coordination meeting of the Vaccination for the elderly that had been going on from Monday, 26/04/2021 to Friday, 30/04/2021. There are 4.500 targets of the elderly, and for the elderly has been given to Banguntapan sub-district.
The meeting and breaking the fast (Iftar)together at once had been attended by Traveloka team, the headman of Banguntapan village, also Babinsa (noncommissioned law enforcement officer posted in villages) and Bhabinkamtibmas (police officer posted in village).
In that occasion, also we had an opportunity to have a talk with the General Manager of the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel, Mr. Herman C.
To anticipate the crowd on the last day, we would ask for a help from the security guards (sat pol PP) of DIY.

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