Sowing Fish on the Mruwe River's

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Sowing  Fish on the Mruwe River's 
As had been done in earlier years, one day before Ramadan, on Monday 12 April 2020, when people usually do "PADUSAN", the ex headman of Potorono, Mr. Dalhar with Babhinkamtimas (a police officer)of Potorono and some of the environmental activists were  engaged in an activity of Sowing Endemic fish such as; Nilem and Bader on the Mruwe River which pass through Potorono village. There are a number of fish, about 800 that were sown at the three points; Salakan bridge, Botokan bridge, and the bridge which located in front of the village hall of Potorono. Hopefully, it can be a charity for all and can make people aware to love the environment even more.

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