"Ruwahan" Sya'ban Lunar tradition in the Hamlet of Sorowajan.

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On Saturday, 3 April 2021 there was the "Ruwahan" event that have been held in the Hamlet of Sorowajan. It involved the various community leaders and some local officials such as; the head of Banguntapan sub district and the representative of Banguntapan village.

"Ruwahan" event or it is known as  "Nyadran" (a tradition of Java) has become the annual event that is on Ruwah 20th  in Sorowajan. The meaning or the purpose of the"Ruwahan" itself is to honor the ancestors's spirit in the past, to offer prayer for them, so we are going to keep remembering our departed ancestors.

The society of Sorowajan hamlet is well-known as the Mini Indonesia because, there are 5 religions that are widespread in Sorowijayan only, so at that event we offered prayer together cross the composite religions that was conducted alternately. In that case, it has created a distinctive identity among us to tolerate other religions and to prioritize the unity of our society.
There is a deep meaning in the whole series of the event at the day. We must preserve the culture of Java that it almoat has gone into oblivion today.

Hopefully, the event can be an example in other regions, so our ancestor's culture will not just vanish.

 Note: Ruwah is a month of Java's calendar before Ramadan.

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