Ramadan Market of Banguntapan's UMKM (small and medium enterprises)

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The pandemic does not discourage the entrepreneurs of Banguntapan's UMKM to make fortune.
Entering the month of Ramadan, has been held RAMADAN MARKET in front of Banguntapan sub district office. It starts at 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. This is planned to hold it for an entire month of Ramadan. To avoid the crowd of people, so the number of seller is constrained. It's only about 10 sellers, furthermore it's located on the roadside which is prone to traffic. Any products of foods are sold for iftar (breaking the fast). There are Jenang(sweet soft cereal), cocktails, kolak, dawet, cakes, frieds, etc.
This program is fully supported by the government of Banguntapan sub district in order to keep the economy through this pandemic running well.


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Puskesmas Banguntapan I

Puskesmas Banguntapan I

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