Judul Henny Sulistyo took part in the agriculture verification awards of DIY

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On Tuesday, 20/04/2021 the ministry of agriculture and food security verification team of the special region of Yogyakarta visited the house of Henny Sulistyo (37 years old) in Mertosanan Wetan hamlet, Potorono, Banguntapan, Bantul. This visit is for verifying the assessment field of the regional agriculture awards of DIY in 2021 as the accomplished farmer category, it had been on Monday, 12 April 2021 took place at the ministry of food maritime agriculture and fisheries affairs office of Bantul district was conducted an interviewing assessment by zoom meeting accompanied by PPL companion from BPP of Banguntapan sub-district and the leader of Margo Mulyo Mertosanan Wetan farming community.
Henny Sulistyo is a farmer of Margo Mulyo farming community who is able to utilize an agricultural technology, that is the "Rice Transplanter", an assistance from the ministry of food maritime agriculture and fisheries affairs of Bantul in 2016. Furthermore, Henny also does rice seeding by using trays or some boards for the nursery as a condition when we are going to plant using the machine, because it needs a special seed which has different seeding way to the common current seeding (conventional way). Then, in 2020 Henny has been appointed to be a representative of Banguntapan sub-district at the accomplished farmer awards of district level and she got the 2nd rank. Subsequently, in 2021 Henny got an opportunity to be a representative of Bantul district to take part in the regional accomplished farmer awards of DIY.

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