Launching of the Integrated health founding post for Non-communicable disease "Retno Waras" (Posbindu PTM)

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The headman of Baturetno launched the Posbindu PTM Retno Waras on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 in the village hall, and distributed the additional food giving (PMT) in order to prevent stunting in Baturetno village. The distribution of PMT was given to the 15 beneficiary families that consist of: 10 pregnant women with high risks, and 5 malnourished toddlers under 2.
Posbindu PTM Retno Waras is our society's manifestation in participating to take measures and detecting disease early, monitoring and early preventing of the Non-communicable disease causes independently and continuously.
Posbindu PTM Retno Waras is held once a month on Wednesday the second week in Baturetno village hall.  
In medical service, we will get direct assistance from the doctors and midwives of Baturetno Health Center I (Puskesmas Baturetno I), so medically it can be accounted. The targets of Posbindu PTM Retno Waras are people/groups ages 16-59 with the criteria; healthy people, people with the risk causes (susceptible), and people with the Non-communicable diseases in their normal condition, the risk causes and the complications can be prevented, so it is not going to be worse. Hopefully, Posbindu PTM Retno Waras can make a risk cause intervention of PTM by attitude modifications, counseling,education, also doing the referrals (for people with the high risk who need further treatment services) in health center.

Note: Posbindu (Pos Pembinaan Terpadu)
          PTM (Pemberian Tambahan Makanan)

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